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Going the Whole Way with Whole30 Have you ever really paid attention to what you eat? I mean really paid attention. I not talking about just counting calories or counting carbs. What I’m talking about is paying attention to your body and how it reacts after you eat certain foods.
For instance, I know from personal experience that if I have a carb laden meal (especially at lunch!) I get sluggish, and sleepy and, worst of all, foggy. When I say foggy, I’m referring to brain fog. That horrific feeling that rational thought is just too much work; that (God forbid!) math problems are beyond comprehension; and even remembering the names of the characters on your favorite weekly TV show keeps slipping from your grasp.
Brain fog is one of the nasty little secrets that women have to deal with as they get older. No one told me that menopause came with a large dose of stupid. Because that’s hard enough to deal with on its own, adding negative food reactions to the mix can be a real nightmare. Th…

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